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   Dave & Norma C. Smith are the owners and operators of Electromechanical Services, the premiere darkroom equipment sales and repair specialist in the Los Angeles area.  Electromechanical Services serves the professional, institutional, educational, commercial, and artistic communities.  They have helped photography lovers and professional photographers with their darkroom needs for over 15 years, and would like to help you with yours.

   Electromechanical Services is a Jobo Premiere Factory Servicing Dealer (including Fujimoto paper processors and Tecnolab rack processors), and are also dealers and service representatives for Omega and Beseler.  In addition, they also service Arkay RC and Drum Dryers, and Seal Dry Mount presses.

   Dave and Norma are institutional treasures.  Dave has over 30 years experience in technical service.  Norma is a well known and highly respected photographer, teacher, lecturer, and advisor and has published articles on darkroom processing techniques.  She has over 35 years of darkroom and lab experience, and is currently teaching photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California (http://www.artcenter.edu/accd/index.jsp).  Norma is also a member of the Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/board.php).  Together Dave and Norma have consulted, advised and assisted some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  (They are, of course, too modest to drop names.)

    Electromechanical Services has hundreds of satisfied clients, nationally and internationally.  Our policy includes NO CHARGE for estimates or unrepairable work.  We only ask that you cover shipping expenses.

    E-mail us for additional information at joboman@aol.com

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